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COM Inspector

Brand: SCT
COM Inspector - The "Modem Interrogation" Tool
COM Inspector is a great tool for anyone who needs to connect to a modem or other serial device, but doesn't know what the current settings of the device may be. An example would be needing to connect a data logger to a modem, but not knowing the modem baud rate, parity, and stop bit settings so the logger can be set appropriately.
Trying to do this assessment using a terminal program (such as HyperTerminal) can be tedious and time consuming. COM Inspector completely automates this process, working through the testing of every possible configuration array until it finds the correct one.
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COM Inspector
COM Inspector
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How COM Inspector works
Connect your Windows PC to the serial device you want to test using a standard (straight-thru) serial cable. Start the software. COM Inspector will tell you what the devide setings are in just a few seconds. For testing of a DTE (DTE-to-DTE connections) you will need to use a NULL adapter or cable.


Who uses COM Inspector?
COM Inspector is great for anyone who needs to work with any type of serial device. That includes:

  • Technical Support Staff

  • Device Manufacturing Q/A

  • SCADA/Telemetry Engineers

  • Wireless Integrators

  • Telecom Engineers

  • Electronic Hobbyists

  • Application Developers

  • End-user customers

COM Inspector Screen Shots

Main Window

Using COM Inspector is easy.

  • Select the COM Port where the device is attached
  • Enter the command you want to send
  • Enter the response you expect in return
  • Select START. COM Inspector will take care of the rest
Main Screen
Results Window

When COM Inspector has found the device returning the expected response, a pop-up window will appear showing the exact serial settings used to obtain the response.


In this case, the device was found on COM3 at 300, 8-N-1.




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