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Simple Com Tools | M2M - Simplified

Simple Com Tools provides solutions that simplify the capture and integration of machine data. We offer hardware, software, modems, and other tools and services that enable access to remote equipment for both fixed and mobile applications.

Since 2003, we have provided solutions for both customers and systems integrators who need simple, real-world solutions for a variety of applications, including Agriculture, Energy Management, Environmental Monitoring, Food Service, Homeland Security, Transportation and many more.

M2M hardware devices designed to meet your most common application needs. Capture digital inputs, analog levels or serial data and send alerts via email, SMS, FTP, SNMP or to portals like SensorLogic or Numerex. - Learn More
We carry the best cellular modems for your fixed or mobile remote monitoring or asset management solution. Whether your need is connecting to a serial device or camera, tracking a vehicle, or providing Internet backup, we can help. - Learn More
A remote monitoring solution is only as strong as its weakest link. Selecting the right antenna for your particular installation is one of the things you need to do before you start buying equipment. - Let us help
We also offer complete solutions to help get your solution deployed as quickly as possible. Select any combination of hardware, modem, antenna, etc or choose from any of our pre-integrated remote monitoring solutions. - Learn More


Product Case Study

Alpha Energy and Greenstar Find Solar Energy Savings Using the SCT PRC1000

conservation Resource Solutions

When Alpha Energy and Greenstar Engineering needed to reduce the remote energy consumption and solar collector panel sizes at a NY hazardous waste site, they turned to the PRC1000, saving them both time and money and creating an overall better performing solution.

“By incorporating the PRC1000 into the overall solution, Alpha Energy saved us several thousand dollars in both solar material and system installation costs.”
- Greenstar Engineering

Learn more in the Alpha/Greenstar case study

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